Prévigesst values the privacy of users of its website. The following text will inform you about the methods used to gather and use your personal information, as well as information requests made on this website, technical considerations pertaining to using a website, and other policies.

Personal Information

During your visit on this website, should you request information or use our online account service, we will receive personal information of yours such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Prévigesst is committed to keeping this information confidential. If the information is to be used, the user's consent will be required before any action is taken. However, should the information be interrupted, intercepted or lost during the processing of an information request or any other action, Prévigesst cannot be held responsible for this loss. The user must ensure the protection of their information, passwords, access codes, and others.

Technical Considerations When Using a Website

When a user is on the internet, information is exchanged without notice between their computer and the server hosting a website. Without identifying the user personally, a series of information is transmitted, such as the IP address, the browser used, the date and time of the visit, the pages browsed, and the duration of the visit.

This information is gathered similarly to audience ratings and BBM surveys for radio and television. Prévigesst will thus be able to view the number of visits, the most consulted pages, and other similar information which helps us improve our website.

Another technical consideration when using a website is cookies. Cookies are, amongst other things, what enables the hard drive to remember visited websites, information that was transmitted, etc. They are used when information is collected in the manner previously explained. Browsers are often preconfigured to accept cookies without your consent. You can change these settings in the Help tab of your browser. By refusing cookies from the Prévigesst website, you will still be able to consult our website. However, you may have to accept before gaining access to the sitemap.

Other Websites

Through the Prévigesst website, you may find yourself on other websites. As soon as you access another website, Prévigesst relinquishes all responsibility. You will have to consult the privacy rules of these other websites.