OHS Training

In order to help you better understand the financial, medical, and preventative aspects of your occupational health and safety file, Prévigesst has developed a series of competitively priced trainings to optimize your management and earnings. All of our trainings are recognized by Emploi-Québec and eligible for tax credits.

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Our trainings can be organized for groups or individuals. We can also adapt content to suit your specific needs and constraints. Furthermore, our team of experts can personalize the training with examples or financial models from your files and/or financial data.

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On All Fronts

Below is a non-exhaustive list of subjects that can be taught and adapted to your needs:

Financial Management

  • The retrospective plan, calculating provisional and definitive adjustments, choosing limit per claim (8 hrs.)
  • CSST rates; the concepts of personalized and/or mutualised contribution rates (4 hrs.)

Injury Management

  • Management and follow-up of occupational injury files, depending on the company's rate plan (customized or retrospective) (4 hrs.)

Prevention Management

  • Creating a global action plan in occupational health and safety (4 hrs.)
  • Creating a prevention program in compliance with the AOHS, ROHS, etc. (4 hrs.)
  • Accident assessment and investigation methods (4 hrs./ 8 hrs.)
  • Act respecting Occupational health and safety (4 hrs.)
  • Workplace inspections (4 hrs.)
  • Safety of machinery (risk analysis) (8 hrs./16 hrs.)
  • Shutting down power sources (lockout procedures) (4 hrs.)
  • Criminal responsibilities of organizations (Bill C-21) (2 hrs./4 hrs.)
  • The role of the occupational health and safety supervisor in an organization (2 hrs./4 hrs.)
  • Integrating new employees (4 hrs.)
  • Creating safe work methods and procedures (4 hrs.)
  • Occupational health and safety policies (2 hrs.)
  • The role and structure of a health and safety committee (HSC) (2 hrs./ 4 hrs.)
  • Raising awareness about occupational health and safety among the workforce (2 hrs.)
  • The importance of standards of safe conduct for workers (2 hrs.)

Contact us to know more about specific content, the objectives of suggested trainings, or to request a specific training proposal.