Participatory Philosophy

In a competition, what sets the winning team apart is the effort of each individual, team spirit, and engagement in the pursuit of a common goal. A mutual group is similar to a team in which individual engagement and performance ensures success.

philosophieSince its creation in 1999, members of our mutual group have been closely involved in making decisions concerning the group's orientation. Our unique approach, the participatory philosophy, aims to foster group synergy by encouraging members to share ideas and experience in the pursuit of common objectives. As part of this initiative, we invite our members to participate in the following activities free of charge:

Advisory Board

Member companies share their expertise in health and safety by participating in meetings and on-site visits, with the aim of developing a network between Prévigesst members' management teams.

OHS Conference

Half a day of activities including renowned speakers with a focus on subjects of interest to our members. The Sécurit'As prize, a $2,500 award offered to employees of three (3) companies who developed or improved a prevention method or tool (similar to the CSST Innovation award), is also presented during this conference.

Annual Assembly

The annual assembly is presided by the Steering Committee, responsible for the mutual group's orientation, as well as the selection and grouping of companies. During the assembly, the Committee presents its activities to the members and awards the Performance of the year and Prevention expert of the year awards to members who performed particularly well.

These activities are free because they aim to encourage sharing and networking, to recognize prevention efforts, to bring certain key or recurring challenges to its members' attention, and ultimately to reduce the risk of professional injury in the workplace.