Personalized Services and Advantages

Even as they join the ranks of a mutual group, every company remains unique and distinctive. At Prévigesst, we feel it is important to adapt to a company's reality by offering the appropriate services and advice for their activity sector, even taking into account the position and autonomy of the occupational health and safety team within the organization.


These services are included in our basic fees when you participate in a mutual or pre-mutual group with Prévigesst.

Professional Injury Management

Our lawyers and advisors are specialized in labour law and have the medicolegal expertise to offer our members the highest quality support and advice. We favour proactive management by collaborating with managers to minimize costs as well as administrative and human fallout in case of professional injury.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)

Our occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) is a 15 category audit, including almost 300 questions designed to assess a company's prevention program. This audit is complemented by a workplace study performed by seasoned prevention consultants.

An audit report detailing the strengths and opportunities for improvement for each category is handed to the company, along with priorities for action and pertinent tools and grids to facilitate the implementation of required improvements.

Eight four-hour training sessions are offered free of charge to members (2 participants per company)

Trainings are organized annually in Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke to help the various stakeholders (directors, HR managers, OHS coordinators, HSC, etc.) acquire knowledge, as well as management and prevention tools and mechanisms that will increase their organization's performance, and that of the mutual group as a whole.

Many other training activities requiring a particular expertise are offered at reduced cost and feature privileged access for members of the mutual group.

Other Services and Activities

  • OHS Conference, Sécurit'As award, and $2,500 prize
  • Annual assembly, Performance of year and Prevention expert of the year awards

This unique approach aims to maximize the employer's actions to improve management and workplace prevention

For further information, see Pricing and Philosophy.