Savings up to 67% on the contribution rate

In 2016, members of the Performant Mutual Group are enjoying savings of 67% on their contribution rate*, one of Quebec's best performances.

This performance is no accident. Members are selected based on performance criteria and their commitment to prevention. These selection standards, added to our consulting services, have translated into savings between 60% and 67% for members of the Performant Mutual Group for the past ten years.


Did you know many companies save little to no money from participating in a mutual group?

Prévigesst has designed a prevention mutual group dedicated to offering savings far superior to the average for other mutual groups. We invite you to compare your current performance to how much you could save by joining a Prévigesst prevention mutual group.


Distribution by Grouping

performancePrévigesst values fairness. In order to ensure all members enjoy the best rates based on their performance and measures undertaken to improve management and prevention, we have implemented a distribution process amongst the different mutual groups. This distribution is determined annually by the Steering Committee, based on audit results (OHSMS**), the risk index (short term & long term) over a five year period, and the handling of their OHS file.

*{(Unit rate – Fixed cost) = Unit risk rate} – {(Mutual rate – Fixed cost) = Mutual risk rate} = saving
{($3.06 – $0.38) = $2.68} - {($1.32 - $0.38) = $0.94} = $1.74 (66% saving)

**OHSMS: Occupational Health and Safety Management System