Companies with a highly personalized contribution rate or under the retrospective plan have no choice: they have to be proactive in managing claims in order to minimize the financial and human impacts of occupational injuries.

REDUCE Your Contribution Costs


We offer the services of a rating consultant to evaluate the financial impact of a claim and the extent of financial responsibility depending on your chosen limit per claim and your performance on the applicable year.

We can calculate the retrospective adjustments and perform an evaluation of the limit per claim that suits your management style. Furthermore, we will prepare financial scenarios as needed to assess your performance and future retrospective adjustments.

More specifically, our interventions in the financial management of your file will concern the following aspects:

  • Detailed analysis of accident costs and contributions to the CSST
  • Evaluation of choice of limit per claim
  • Financial scenario; calculation of provisional and definitive adjustment
  • Identification of appropriate injury management strategy and preparation of financial scenarios based on choice of limit per claim
  • Analysis and identification of files eligible for cost sharing and transfers
  • Analysis of a company's fusions and acquisitions
  • Training of stakeholders
  • Representation before the various levels of appeal of the CSST and before the CLP

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about our interventions.