Customer Comments

Prévigesst builds unique relationships with its clients based on trust and partnership. See how satisfied our members are with our services.


The mutual group allows us to achieve substantial savings on the CSST contribution rate by ensuring sound management of its global performance.

Member companies also benefit from advice given by qualified occupational health and safety professionals. The mutual group shares its expertise in prevention, management, and rating, supporting its members as they achieve better results.

For all these reasons, we do not hesitate to recommend the Prévigesst Prevention Mutual Group. »

– Conceptromec Inc.

The mutual group's performance enables us to enjoy the most advantageous CSST contribution rates. Robust management, the expertise of Prévigesst team and a focus on prevention is what enables all members to enjoy substantial savings.

Furthermore, it's easy to get in touch with other members to benefit from their expertise and advice. »

– Multi X Inc.


After a disappointing experience with another mutual group, we opted for Prévigesst. They turned out to be true professionals in their administration, information, file follow-up support, and requirements for becoming a member.

Concerned with both costs and the health and safety of our workforce, we consider the Prévigesst mutual group to be a judicious choice, and a leader in the field. »

– Boulangerie Georges Inc.


The Prévigesst team gives is friendly, dynamic, available, and easy to work with. The expertise and shrewd advice they provide are precious assets when it comes to managing our CSST files and fostering prevention in general. »

– Métalus Inc.


As a Prévigesst client, we would like to emphasize their great team approach.

During our phone conversations, the people we talk to are always polite and available to answer our questions as promptly as possible.

During training activities, the reception and presentation are very professional. The Prévigesst team is always attentive to our needs. In short, they are a dynamic team and our expectations are fully met. »

– Nutech Inc.


To us, Prévigesst rhymes with "peace of mind". We know we can count on the whole team, whatever the situation, to get clear answers to problems that can get quite complicated! »

– NSE Automatech Inc.


Joining Prévigesst means you are sure to get concrete results, sometimes beyond what you thought possible. Of course, the requirements may appear strict, but with the support of their experts we were able to pump life into our waning OHS Committee. You can only improve what you control! The proof has been made: dedication and rigor are contagious, and they bring benefits that are both human and economic. »

– Les Tissus Geo. Sheard Ltée


At this point in our projects, Prévigesst's contribution has been very useful. Because we are committed to continuous improvement, it is essential that we get professional and objective advice. In addition to technical advice, they also recognize our accomplishment, which is much appreciated and makes a big difference for a company like ours.

With Prévigesst's support, we are constantly improving! »

– Biscuiterie Dominic inc.