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Rates of assessment - 2017
Prevention mutual group - Performant mutual group
Member (2012 to 2017)

Unit number Activity sector General Rate Prévigesst Rate
15050 Preparation of fruits or vegetables; manufacturing munchies $3.45 $1.59
15060 Manufacturing pastry products; manufacturing bakery products; manufacturing flour; manufacturing confectionery products $2.54 $1.23
16020 Manufacturing rubber products $3.01 $1.42
16030 Manufacturing plastic bags $2.51 $1.23
16040 Manufacturing plastic products $2.50 $1.22
17010 Manufacturing threads; manufacturing woven fabrics; manufacturing carpet made of textile materials $2.43 $1.20
17030 Manufacturing knitted fabrics; manufacturing tapes, elastic bands, lace, rope, laces or belt-webbing $1.92 $0.97
17040 Manufacturing or repairing articles made of canvas; manufacturing decoration and furniture accessories made of textile materials $3.59 $1.63
18010 Manufacturing doors and windows, in wood or plastic $3.30 $1.55
18020 Manufacturing solid wood panels; manufacturing wood floors; manufacturing wood mouldings; manufacturing wood furniture components; manufacturing wood stairway components; manufacturing wood cabinet doors $3.90 $1.76
18030 Manufacturing in the plant or the workshop of wood frame buildings; manufacturing in the plant or the workshop of mobile homes or worksite trailers having a wood frame, manufacturing in the plant or the workshop of wood frame house panels $9.96 $4.14
18040 Manufacturing wood coffins; manufacturing or restoring musical instruments having a wood structure; manufacturing furniture, cabinets, counters or integrated furnishings made of wood or having a wood structure in a cabinetmaking workshop $5.17 $2.24
18070 "Mass producing furniture or furniture frames made of wood or having a wood structure; manufacturing mattresses or box springs" $2.27 $1.14
26050 Printing; reprography; binding; manufacturing paper or paperboard office supplies


34030 Manufacturing or assembling pallets or containers made of wood used in the handling and transportation of merchandise; manufacturing wooden fences; manufacturing roof trusses, joists or rafters made of wood $7.28 $3.12
34210 Transforming paper and paperboard; treating paper and paperboard; manufacturing particle board; coating of boards $2.94 $1.39
36050 Manufacturing metal products by stamping, machining or forging $2.69 $1.30
36070 Manufacturing doors and windows made out of metal, shopwindows, hothouses made out of metal, metal garage doors; manufacturing architectural products by cutting and assembling metal extrusions and tubular metal; manufacturing doors and panels of refrigerated rooms; manufacturing banisters, fences and railings made out of aluminum $3.44 $1.58
36090 Manufacturing metal framing elements; manufacturing ornamental iron products; operating a stationary welding workshop; manufacturing scaffolding $5.11 $2.26
36100 Manufacturing farm machines and equipment; manufacturing heavy equipment; manufacturing trucks without the assembly of the power train; manufacturing trailers $4.12 $1.87
36110 Manufacturing boilers and metal tanks; manufacturing heavy industrial machines and equipment $3.38 $1.57
36120 Manufacturing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment; manufacturing home appliances; manufacturing or assembling electric lighting fittings; manufacturing pumps and compressors $3.50 $1.60
36130 Manufacturing commercial kitchen appliances and equipment; manufacturing machines and equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry; manufacturing machines and equipment for the maple growing industry; manufacturing machine-tools for working metal and woodworking; manufacturing machines and equipment for the rubber, plastic, furniture and lumber industry $1.81 $0.95
36200 Manufacturing buses, ambulances, trucks with the assembly of the power train, travel trailers, camping trailers, caravans and motorized trailers $2.67 $1.31
54050 Department stores; retailing supplies for the home and for automobiles; one-price stores $2.80 $1.36
54070 Trading, in the same building, in a variety of products mainly intended for construction, renovation and decoration; trading in wood; trading in building materials; trading in prefabricated joinery; trading in fences or balustrades; trading in doors, windows or outdoor siding; trading in kitchen or bathroom cabinets or counters; trading in trees, shrubs, plants or flowers, including flower shops; trading in grave monuments $2.14 $1.08
54320 Trade in new or used motor vehicles; Trade in new or second-hand motor caravans or trailers; Rental of motor vehicles; Rental of caravans or motorized trailers; Trade or rental of trailers $1.68 $0.89
55080 Storage services; wrapping, packaging, boxing, labeling and label changing services $2.89 $1.38
68030 Hotel establishment; youth hostel; residential hotel; relaxation centre offering accommodations; bed and breakfast $2.49 $1.21
80080 Erecting metal frame structures and tanks $18.87 $7.45
80110 Carpentry work; joinery work; work related to indoor systems; painting work; installation of flexible coverings; installation of marble, granite, ceramics and terrazzo; plastering and jointing work; insulation work $9.58 $3.89
80130 Roofing work; exterior cladding work on buildings; installation of gutters $14.76 $5.86