Occupational health and safety expert

Prévigesst has assembled a highly specialized team of occupational health and safety experts. Whether you need medical, legal, administrative, or prevention advice, our consultants are trained to answer your questions and to provide the best support in managing your occupational health and safety files.



Prévigesst was established in 1994 by André Fortin, who worked for over 25 years in the field of occupational health and safety in the manufacturing sector and as a consultant. Under the Prévigesst banner, he continues to share his expertise in occupational health and safety and to provide expert advice to industrial and manufacturing companies.

In 1999, Prévigesst created a mutual group, bringing along a few manufacturing businesses based in the Eastern Townships. The Board of Directors, including employers and Mr. Fortin himself, is formed to create the Performant Prevention Mutual Group and establish the group's core values and mission, which remain the same today. We can truly say that the prevention mutual group was designed by and for employers. This is what sets us apart: our operational approach and our participatory philosophy.

On the strength of its robust admission criteria, its members' engagement, and its sound management, Prévigesst's Performant Group now ranks amongst the most performant mutual groups in Quebec, across all sectors. This has enabled us to offer our members savings varying between 60% and 67% on their CSST contribution rate for the past eight years – an average of 64%, compared to the provincial average of 23%.

Since then, the Croissance Mutual Group was created to enable more businesses to have access to a prevention mutual group, as well as quality services which lead to substantial savings. Even after years of tireless dedication, our goal remains the same: to reduce the cost of occupational health and safety and offer the lowest contribution rates to companies dedicated to providing their employees with a safe work environment.