Prévigesst offers expert advice to help you manage absenteeism. Our lawyers and advisors are specialized in labour law and are empowered to defend your interests in front of the various administrative courts.

Minimize Consequences in All Respects

reclamationWe offer high quality consulting services to help you with file processing and support your personnel in managing and interpreting applicable laws.

Furthermore, our lawyers and advisors have the medicolegal expertise to minimize financial, administrative, and human consequences from occupational injuries.

To meet our clients' needs, we offer several pricing models, such as an hourly rate, contracts, packages or hour banks to be applied to files of their choosing.

Our experts make sure to obtain a client's authorization before any intervention that may result in charges, ensuring the focus is on what you consider important.

Outsourcing Services

We offer outsourcing services to companies looking for temporary or permanent assistance in management or workplace prevention. Our experienced advisors can work on-site and perform, according to your needs, any management or prevention tasks you may require. These advisors are helped, when needed, by Prévigesst's team of experts.

Major areas where we can assist you are, but not limited to:

  • Medicoadministrative and medicolegal management of occupational injuries
  • Assessment of compensation claims related to occupational injury or sickness
  • Opinion on the causal connection between the injury and the description of the event
  • Monitoring of CSST absences
  • Temporary assignment program
  • Services of a designated physician
  • Medical expertise in litigious or long term cases
  • Assessment of functional limitations and permanent effects
  • Representation in front of the CSST courts of appeal and in front of the CLP
  • Financial impact analysis of a claim for a company subject to the retrospective plan
  • Promotion and awareness of health in the workplace

Do not hesitate to contact us for information and further details on our interventions in medicolegal management.